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Designing with both elegance and fearlessness allows for style innovation that is unrivaled and able to captivate anyone who sees it. This is the kind of design that Jessica strives for – pushing the envelope and breaking boundaries.


Each piece by Chiarelli Milano is the result of a carefully crafted process. By combining different settings and cultural influences, Chiarelli Milano creates unique pieces that are both timeless and modern.


The ability to transfer peculiar aspects of our everyday surroundings into jewelry is what gives Chiarelli unmistakable identity and uniqueness. By taking the everyday and making it extraordinary, Chiarelli has created a line of jewelry that is truly one-of-a-kind.

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When it comes to jewelry, Jessica Nasr knows what women want. As the founder and creative director of Chiarelli Milano, she takes inspiration from the world around her to create pieces that are both beautiful and timeless. Whether you're looking for the perfect accessory to enhance your style or a gift for that special someone, Chiarelli Milano has something for everyone.


Jessica's creativity knows no bounds. She is constantly brainstorming, reinventing and disrupting her works to propose ever evolving pieces. By seeking inspiration from nature and art, she created Chiarelli Milano – a brand that enhances the elegance of female beauty.

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From the hands of the most renowned Italian jewelry artisans comes Chiarelli Milano.


Founded in 2020 by Jessica Nasr, the brand is defined by unique designs and precious materials.


Chiarelli Milano is a more than a brand. It is a way of expressing through a jewel different cultures and stories, especially centered around journeys and immigration.


After years of living in different parts of the world, including Latin and North America, Jessica Nasr decided to return to her family roots and bring the Italian handmade quality to the world.


The multicultural essence of the brand is what makes it unique and special.

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The finest design, combinations of precious materials and the best of Italian goldsmith tradition come together to create real masterpieces of the Made in Italy.


A strong commitment to quality, great attention to details and Jessica's unique design make Chiarelli Milano a brand meant to stand out.


To turn her visions into fine jewels, Jessica Nasr relies on the craft skills of the territory in which they are produced: Valenza, the capital of jewelry. These city's invaluable heritage of craftmanship has been handed down through generations, making the creation of jewelry a real art.


By working with the best artisans in Valenza, Jessica is able to create exquisite jewelry that is truly one-of-a-kind.

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No secret at all, Italy has always been a front-runner in the worldwide jewellery market. With a longstanding tradition of master goldsmiths, the country has brought the art of handmade jewellery to new heights, much to the appreciation of everyone.


Valenza, cradle and capital of the Italian goldsmith tradition, is home to the laboratory that carefully handcrafts every piece by Chiarelli Milano. Every item is a reflection of the passion and expertise that goes into its creation: skillful work, shaping and refining the best precious materials to turn ideas into real works of art. This process is what makes Jessica's jewelry so special and unique.


Chiarelli Milano's collections are characterized by a balanced mix of volumes, distinctive patterns and unedited shapes that celebrate art and nature in their purest forms.

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